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Harry Potter Land

After only a few weeks since it’s grand opening, I made my pilgrimage to see Harry Potter Land in Universal Studios. Yes, that’s what it’s called because I said so. Not “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter,” because that sounds so gimmicky. On top of that I felt like the designers of the park didn’t put enough imaginative effort for them to deserve the right to name it. Yes, the castle and all the structural found in Hogsmead village looks majestic and authentic, but it still wasn’t enough. With only one new ride added to the park, it’s a bit underwhelming for such a massive franchise. Why aren’t the manholes found on sidewalks and que lines not labeled with warning signs that a basilisk lurked inside them? why were pitcher plants used to decorate the green house? Weren’t animatronic plants invented back in the 50’s? There was no magic or light nor mirrors. Just an area made to look like a Harry Potter movie set. It’s Harry Potter Land.

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Orlando, Florida

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